• By hiring me I take the frustration out of web work.
  • Those red velvet sandwiches better be gluten-free.
  • Hey, nice velvety finish.

Web Velvet

Web Velvet is a web-based company which creates solutions to answer the most daunting challenges people face with creating an online presence/message. I have been working with web content for nearly 15 years. When time permits, I build, maintain, update, host: websites; domains; and emails.


As one who understands buidling websites and creating better SEO through creating valuable content; I will help some customers using a velvety approach to drive qualified traffic.

Step 1
Know what you want. Figure out specifically what is that you are looking to do and how much you are willing to spend.

Step 2
Talk to me about the website and I'll let you know if I believe it's a good fit. Note: I am more of a local supporter than anything else.

Step 3
Hire me to do the work with a down payment. I will give a realistic time frame and cost over time, there are no hiddens fees.